The Craven Legacy

Table of Contents

Generation 1

CH. 1 || CH. 2 || CH. 3 || CH. 4 || CH. 5 || CH. 6 || CH. 7 || Heir Poll

Generation 2
CH. 1 || CH. 2 || CH. 3 || CH. 4 || CH. 5 || CH. 6 || CH. 7 || CH. 8 || CH. 9 || SPECIAL ||CH. 10 || Heir Poll

Generation 3

CH. 1 || CH. 2 || CH. 3 || CH. 4 || CH. 5 || CH. 6 || CH. 7 || CH. 8 || CH. 9 || CH. 10 || Heir Poll

Generation 4

CH. 1CH. 3 || CH. 4 || CH. 5 || CH. 6 || CH. 7 || CH. 8 || Heir Poll || CH. 9

Generation 5

CH. 1 || CH. 2 || CH. 3 || CH. 4 || CH. 5

Generation 6

CH. 1 || 
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The Craven Legacy ~ 6.1

Wow , its been how long since I updated. I know most of you probably have moved on, but those of you who stayed, yay. I am gonna move in a different direction. New computer, better graphics, and even some poses, I should be able to make a very interesting story with Rose. Woot! Anyways, onto the chapter.
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The Craven Legacy ~ 5.5

Welcome back to the Craven Legacy. I am sorry that I haven't been posting once a week. I have come to realize that it may become impossible due to my work schedule. However, I will try to post as often as possible. At the end of this will be a poll. Please vote or, if you can't, comment your vote. Anyways, on with the chapter.

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The Craven Legacy ~ 5.4

New chapter finally out. It has been a trying time so i have been unable to post. Between new training at work and a painful dental experience, i had plenty of time to think over this chapter. This is a special chapter as it is going to be mostly first person narritive until the end. Hope you like it!

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The Craven Legacy ~ 5.3

Welcome back to the Craven Legacy. I know I have been slow but its getting harder and harder for me to keep up. Between personal issues and lack of comments, I have been losing my drive to post. T_T   Anyways, onto the chapter.

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The Craven Legacy ~ 5.2

Sorry I am a little late. Due to holidays and such, I have been unable to finish this on time. However, I promise to have the next chapter out on time. That is if I don't get sucked into reading more books on my nook. ^^;;

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The Craven Legacy ~ 5.1

Welcome back to my legacy. I am so sorry it has been forever since I updated. However life is finally allowing me some sim time so I can now get a chapter out on time. I will be using a different style for a while just to see if I like it. If you prefer the old method, just drop a comment and let me know.

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Sorry for delay

Between getting really sick, constant headaches, loss of internet and issues with the game, I have been unable to play sims. HOWEVER i should be able to get a chapter up by sunday. My headaches seem to stay so I guess its just learn to live. So, between Sims and Skyward Sword, hopefully I should have a chapter out soon. Sorry again for the delay.
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The Craven Legacy ~ 4.9

Hello! Yes the chapter is a little late but due to personal issues, I was unable to get this out on time. I should be back on schedule next week. I will start posting the chapters either Sunday night or Monday mornings (pacific time). So hopefully I should not vary too much. Anyways, on to who shall take over!

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